2014, Volksroom, Brussels
BEING (COLOR) performance, 45 minutes, 7 performers

Eurythmy is a visible speech, a dance language that expresses the perception of color and language. Its vocabulary is based on strict rules that are hard to decipher for outsiders. We initiated an encounter between different dance vocabularies. We wanted to activate a situation in which different subjective perceptions and interpretations of color are impersonated and affect each other in an ongoing flow of negotiation.

BEING (COLOR) is performed in Volksroom, Brussels, (BE) 2014 / Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, (NL) 2015

In collabortaion with Mariko Kuwahara
Performers: Mariko Kuwahara, Anne Magali Meeldijk, David Verbeeck, Simon Ascencio, Masaki Komoto, Adriano Wilfried Jensen, Eva Pyrnokoki

Video & photography by Marijn Smulders

2015, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam