I PROPOSE text, performance and guided walk, Het Vijfde Seizoen, Altrecht GGZ, Den Dolder (2015)

The psychiatric institution is situated in a forest. In this forest, a collection of pavilions are hosting therapy spaces, living rooms and support for people with severe psychiatric diagnoses such as the psychotic syndrome. During fall of 2015, I wandered through the area of the institution where I engaged myself in relations with people that see shapes that I did not see (delusions) , hear voices that I did not hear (hallucinations) and wear heavy wools in the midst of summer (they exhibit bizarre behavior) .

I was often present in the therapy rooms where I had lemonade and silent conversations most of them muted by drugs, shyness or the incapacity to verbalize a coherent sentence. In situations where words become affected by hallucinations and delusions, languages becomes disorientating and relations take shape through physical, sensual and fragile means of exchange.

Notes of my encounters with the psychotic syndrome, 2015
Based on my presence in the therapy spaces, I made notes. These notes describe the interplays that I experienced, things I could see, hear, read or smell. For these written notations I used diagnostic vocabulary that is used to observe and analyse people with a psychotic syndrome.

Text, 3 pages, 2015
After my encounters in the therapy rooms I wrote a text "I propose.."

Here you can download a PDF of the text

Disordered reading, 15 minutes, 2015
I performed this text in one of therapy rooms. Whilst reading the text I positioned myself in a disorientating posture that increased in intensity during the reading and affected the words I uttered.

Water, sugar vaseline, diameter 360, duration 24 hours, 2015
Parallel to my reading, I displaced the distribution of lemonade that is offered to the patients in the therapy spaces every day. I distributed this lemonade accompanied by saying the words (repeatedly): Here you are, lemonade. Here, you are lemonade. Simultaneously, the lemonade was highlighted in a sculpture of sugar dissolving in water on the floor of the therapy space.

(5) Guided walk, 1 hour, 2015
Turn on your heels and go back before penetrating further into such perilous wastelands. Listen well to what I say: turn on your heels and go back, not forward,[...],