Spring 2018, my proposal to initiate a collective and sensory design process of the reproduction of the smell of the pig farm, in collaboration with pig farmers, is selected by Museum Bommel van Dam / Circular Art Lab Limburg
In the coming months I will continue researching the potential of my proposal. Collectively we will explore the farmers landscape with the nose and the body, with a focus on smell, in order to re-frame the landscape of the pig farm as a source of sensible and physical experience.

In 2017 and 2018, I will guide an educational art performance project for young children indicated with a speech-language deficit at 60 pre-school groups in Amsterdam Zuidoost, together with welfare foundation Swazoom and a collective of performance artists that visit the children frequently. Each performance offers a framework in which children are given the opportunity to play and to acquire sensory experiences with different forms of movement, sound, materials, objects and light.

Fall 2017, I guided a workshop about the perception of colour, at De School. Visitors of Amsterdam Dance Event are guided through exercises that intensify the perception of colour. By covering the eyes and with a focus on embodied and multi-sensory ways of looking, we concentrated on seeing an after image. Participants were asked to translate this after image in words and gestures. This performative workshop was guided by me and two girls with vision impairment.

From 4th June - 16th July I presented BADEN, a performative work at Curepark, together with two performers with spasm in collaboration with Genetic Choir,

We performed a new version of CIRCLE, in collaboration with Genetic Choir, and a speaker with Aphasia at Misericordia, Oude Kerk, fall 2016

I presented my artistic research as a performance lecture, at Art research conference, ArtEZ, fall 2016

We performed CIRCLE, in collaboration with the Genetic Choir, at Graduation Show Sandberg Instituut, spring 2016

During Graduation Show Sandberg Instituut 2016, I uncovered a forgotten SANDBOX designed by Aldo van Eyck, and filled it with silversand to re-enact a space of play during the exhibition Graduation Show Sandberg Instituut, spring 2016

Writing performance at the botanical garden of VU Hortus Botanicus, invited by Vera Hofmann, spring 2015

We initiated a new version of BEING (COLOR), at Nieuw Dakota, spring 2015

GROUP PHOTO performance, Does Not Equal, curated by Dorine van Meel, W139, winter 2015

FACING MIRRORS video screening & performance reading, Does Not Equal curated by Dorine van Meel, W139, Amsterdam, NL, winter 2015

I PROPOSE.., reading performance, artist in residence Het Vijfde Seizoen, fall 2014

At Kattenkabinet we gave a lecture performance on the behavior of art objects as part of Lost & Found, Amsterdam, fall 2014

We performed (COLOR) BEING, a performance in the form of a workshop, at Volksroom, Brussels, (BE), summer 2014

In the garden of Hammerstein lawyers, we performed ORANGE, as part of Open Garden Days, spring 2014

ALPHABET, a performance at Tradeschool, W139, Amsterdam, NL, spring 2013

We perform a new version of LIGHT US UP (III), at
W139 spring 2013

At Festival for Live Arts (FLAM), We performed LIGHT US UP (II), Arti et Amicitae, 2013

WORKING TOGETHER, performance & video,
Nieuw Dakota